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Terra-cotta Tile Roof Restoration & Concrete Tile Roof Restoration

Roof Restoration - Brisbane & South East Queensland

To improve the appearance and value of your home, I.R.McPhee Pty.Ltd. will restore your old tile roof to look like new again.

The performance of the roof will also be upgraded by re-bedding and pointing the ridge capping as part of the roof restoration. The process involves removing the old mortar and re-bedding the ridge capping with new mortar and replacing any broken or damaged roof tiles or ridges. All areas of the roof are then washed with a  high pressure sprayer removing all the oxidised paint and lichen and moss from the tiles and ridges and the gutters thoroughly cleaned out. The ridges are then re-pointed with Rooftech ‘Ridgebond’ flexible pointing. For a terra-cotta tile roof, the roof restoration process is complete at this stage, but a concrete tile roof must be re-painted.First a sealer coat is applied followed by 2 top coats of Rooftech ‘Colourtile’ roof paint in a wide choice of colours. The site is left clean and tidy.